Three generations with a
single-minded dedication
to nature.

Drawing vitality from the soil, which responds so generously to the gentle touch of a dedicated winemaker.

Pavo Red 2009

Regional Trophy DWWA

Pavo Red 2009

Gold medal DWWA

Chardonnay Pavo 2008

Gold medal DWWA

Merlot 2012

Gold medal DWWA

Where to buy

Our wines can be bought on our estate, in all fine restaurants and from the following distributors:

Dušan in Marko Kristančič
Medana 29, 5212 Dobrovo
Goriška brda, Slovenia

Accounting and wine tastings
+386 (0) 5 39 59 533

+386 (0) 41 788 670

You can also contact us at:

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