Three generations with a
single-minded dedication
to nature.

Drawing vitality from the soil, which responds so generously to the gentle touch of a dedicated winemaker.

Pavo Red 2009

Regional Trophy DWWA

Pavo Red 2009

Gold medal DWWA

Chardonnay Pavo 2008

Gold medal DWWA

Merlot 2012

Gold medal DWWA

A winemaker's story

Time has been seeping into the gentle curves of our vineyards,
ever since our grandparents began working the soil.

When he was ready, Dušan took over the estate, which was initially used for vineyards, orchards, as well as for breeding animals. His dedication and vision meant that soon the vast majority of the estate was dedicated to vineyards. It was that dedication and vision that lead him to establish his own brand in the 80s, a formidable effort in the erstwhile political environment, and in 1983, the Kristančič homestead was expanded with a new wine cellar, in which both wines and daring new ideas matured.

One of these daring ideas lead Dušan and five other winemakers from Medana to form an association called Brajda. Brajda (was more than just an association, it was a vision of transforming Brda into what they are today: a unique area, a terroir in the most primeval sense of the word, dedicated to winemaking and producing excellent wines.

Cordon d'Excellence award
Grand Gold Medal
and a Champion title

It was in 1989, when we first bottled the wine ourselves, that the ideas took on a concrete form. Only a year later, our bottles were already displaying the now characteristic peacock design, and in 1991, the label received the prestigious Cordon d'Excellence award. It only took us two more years to confirm yet again that we were on the right track. In 1993, at the 39th International winemaking fair in Ljubljana, our 1992 Chardonnay received the grand medal of honour and the title of champion - a first for independent winemakers. From then on, we write our stories not in ink, but in wine.

Dušan in Marko Kristančič
Medana 29, 5212 Dobrovo
Goriška brda, Slovenia

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