Three generations with a
single-minded dedication
to nature.

Drawing vitality from the soil, which responds so generously to the gentle touch of a dedicated winemaker.

Pavo Red 2009

Regional Trophy DWWA

Pavo Red 2009

Gold medal DWWA

Chardonnay Pavo 2008

Gold medal DWWA

Merlot 2012

Gold medal DWWA

Wines - Kristančič

Our wines are the product of hard work, years of experience and extensive knowledge. There are three product lines: Kristančič, Pavo in Medana. While they are very different from each other, they also share the characteristics that make our wines so distinctive. This variety means that we are able to accommodate all enthusiasts, from those just starting out to experienced connoisseurs. All our wines are dry, young and fresh, yet they offer a full, harmonious mouth-feel, with just the right amount of acidity.

Rebula 2015

Rebula, the local name for Ribolla gialla, is a grape variety native to Goriška Brda. The wine has a straw yellow colour, very bright and clear, with a slight greenish tint. The aroma is both pure and fine, at the same time being quite rich and reminiscent of citrus, peaches and tropical fruit. This is a very fresh and youthful wine, and the taste reflects this perfectly.

Serve chilled at 10–12 ˚C (50–54 °F). Our Rebula makes a fine accompaniment to jota ricca, frtalja (a Slovene dish, quite similar to omelette) with seasonable herbs, roast vegetables, grilled asparagus with bacon, and marble trout.

Chardonnay 2015

Fill a glass with this wine and you will be amazed by the luminous, golden colour and its straw tones. Inhale the aroma and it is instantly obvious that this is a fresh, youthful, vivacious wine with clear fruity and flowery scents. Its rich taste is fresh, fruity and long-lasting.

Serve chilled at approximately 10–12˚C (50–54 °F) and enjoy with baked polenta with cheese and prosciutto, grilled turkey steaks, and frtalja with prosciutto and fennel.

  • Chardonnay, 2013
    Silver medal DWWA

  • Chardonnay, 2011
    Bronze medal DWWA

  • Chardonnay, 2009
    Silver medal DWWA

Pinot Gris 2015

This wine has a full character, with a rounded taste and a very distinctive bouquet. Its complex aromas of candied fruit and lemon are sure to impress. Its golden-yellow colour and rich fruity taste, with just the right amount of acidity, make the Pinot Gris fresh, light and harmonious, with a long fade.

Serve chilled at 10–12˚C (50–54 °F). Enjoy with seafood, turkey, veal or beef steak, grilled squid, Greek salad, Niçoise salad or fish carpaccio.

Sauvignon 2015

The 2010 Sauvignon has a very complex yet clear scent, reminiscent of elder, green peppers and pepper. Its taste is fresh and succulent, while the wine as a whole is very rounded, somewhat aromatic, with a long fade.

Serve chilled at 12 ˚C (54 ˚F) and accompany with fresh herb frtalja, fried elder blossoms, grilled bell peppers and beef with caper sauce.

Pinot Noir 2014

This Pinot Noir is distinguished by its somewhat lighter, ruby-red colour with slight coppery tones, a pronounced aroma reminiscent of strawberry, and a gentle, almost silky tannin notes that go so well with the taste of the oak barrels in which the wine has matured. It has a gentle scent and a soft, full body with a long fade.

Serve at 18 °C (64 °F) with cold meats, olive bread, roast pork, young goat or Segedin goulash.

Merlot 2014

This scarlet-red wine has an enticing aroma of black fruits and plums, with a hint of wood. It is wonderfully fruity, especially if left to rest for a few minutes in the glass. It is full and lively, with gentle tannin notes that finish this balanced wine with a long fade.

Serve at 14–18 °C (57–64 °F) with cold meats, roast pork, potato gnocchi in venison sauce, roast lamb, soft white mould cheeses, and home-made baked beans.

  • Merlot, 2012
    Gold medal DWWA

Cabernet sauvignon 2014

This wine is distinguished by a ruby-red colour that fades slowly to a slightly brick-red tone. It has a highly pleasing but simple aroma, with a prevailing fruity character of ripe blueberries and black cherry. Its taste is very structured, with tannins and acids complementing each other; this results in a very well-balanced wine.

Served at 18 °C (64 °F), it is an excellent accompaniment to mature cheeses, fresh salami, sausages, young goat and venison.


Piccolit is one of the very few grape varieties in Friuli that can be used for sweet wines. It grows just as well on our side of the border, too, as demonstrated by this amber-yellow wine. Its aroma is complex, full of intense scents, including chestnut honey, figs, raisins, vanilla and caramel. The mouth feels a wonderful harmony between sugar and acids, making it very balanced and clear with a long aftertaste. Its high alcohol content of almost 15% by no means disturbs its balance.

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